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Yoga retreats in Portugal

“A fusion of Nature & Soul” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

Imagine peace & tranquility in the most beautiful surroundings of the Algarve, Portugal. Since 2010 Shaini Verdon organises Iyengar Yoga retreats. The retreats are based around the pillars of Movement, Nourishment & Nature. Movement through Yoga & Surf. Nourishment with organic & local meals straight from farm to plate and through mindful awareness & wellness. Nature by keeping the retreats close to nature and hosting in the most sustainable & ecological way. Throughout the year on specific dates she welcomes small groups for this amazing experience in a stunning location on the south west coast of the Algarve, Portugal, close to the most beautiful beaches.

The main retreat is the Yoga, Surf & Nourish retreat which contains  3 different packages:

​From the 7-13 September there will again be a very special Women’s Wisdom Yoga & Surf Retreat which will contain 2 packages:

  • Women’s Wisdom & Yoga

  • Women’s Wisdom Yoga & Surf

“The language of movement is feeling” ~ Carrie Owerko 

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Minimum prijs per dag €140
voor beginners
voor gevorderden
Albardeira, Lagos, Portugal
Shaini is the organiser of Yogaion retreats. She is an introductory level 2 IYENGAR® yoga teacher. Her love for yoga started in the year 2000 after being in the field of dancing, fitness & martial arts since a very young age. Following different yoga styles, her heart eventually lay with IYENGAR® Yoga. After passing her introductory level 2 certification she is currently studying for her IYENGAR®Yoga Junior 1 level. She is immensely fascinated by how the human body moves & feels that creating greater range of movement is the best way to live a more fulfilled life so that you can enjoy the things you really love from surfing to meditation to Yoga to playing with your kids. Therefor she is also studying to become a corrective exercise specialist and is practicing the FRC® & Kinstretch® method. She also has a deep passion for the feminine side of yoga, working with the female cycles to encourage female health & create a profound connection to our ever changing bodies. Her connection to the female side of Yoga started when she suffered for a long time from undiagnosed endometriosis of which she was finally able to heal herself through a combination of allopathic medicine, alternative medicine including diet, cycle awareness & herbal medicine but mostly through her yoga practice which gave her an immersed sensitivity to her own body. ​She is forever a student, practicing mainly with different renowned IYENGAR® teachers of whom she greatly respects Carrie Owerko for her ongoing exploration of the human body, Bobby Clennell for her immense contribution of female health, including her books, within the IYENGAR® method, Christian Pisano for his profound depth of Yoga and her main teacher Billy Konrad who aids her tremendously on this path of adventure & exploration. Her teaching is based on creating awareness through exploration. Mobility & stability within the body & soul through movement, exploration, playfulness & alignment. Through verbal and precise hands-on adjustments and bringing awareness into the practice she creates a warm, joyful safe & loving space.


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